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Setember 2011 Medication Matters


Dear Doctor,

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join the RNSH Resident Medical Officers’ Association.

The RMOA is our advocate and representative voice throughout the hospital. We endeavour to promote better working conditions for our members as well as provide numerous resources, facilities and amenities to enhance professional satisfaction.

To join the RNSH Resident Medical Officers’ Association, please dowload this form and sign the attached pay-deduction authority. Membership fees are $12 per fortnight.


N.B. Other links to this updated form will be corrected at a later stage.



Download the latest Medication Matters.

August Medication Matters

Brought to you by the Medication Safety Committee, RNSH.


Dear JMOs,

The Clinical Education and Training Institute (CETI) are calling for nominations for the Geoff Marel Award and JMO of the Year Award.

The Geoff Marel Award recognises the work of an individual who has made a substantial contribution to the education and support of prevocational trainees.

The JMO of the Year Award is awarded by CETI to a junior doctor who has made a substantial contribution to the education and support of prevocational trainees. The winner is then a nominee for the national Junior Doctor Award given by the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils.

This year, CETI wants all nominees for these awards to be nominated by JMOs. Nomination forms can be found with the forms by the JMO lockers, on the RMOA website or by emailing The nomination deadline in the 23rd of August!!

Geoff Marel Award Nomination Form

CETI JMO of The Year Award Nomination Form



Medication Matters is an initiative of the RNS Medication Safety Committee.

It is a monthly publication is based on incidents reported via the IIMS system which is intended for use as a learning tool.

Here is the latest:

June 2011 Medication Matters

You can also locate Medication Matters in the Resources menu.



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